Elwell Design has managed numerous projects for higher education institutions including New England Institute of Art; Bay State College; and, New England College of Business and Finance.  These colleges, which are smaller than the larger universities found in and around Boston, had a need to get their message out in catchy, creative and conspicuous manner.   As well, smaller colleges tend to want to stretch their marketing dollars and EC was tasked with not only developing the message, but also the methods that were most impactful, yet at an efficient cost. Through our work, enrollment and reputation gains were achieved at these three colleges as we developed and implemented creative and integrated campaigns through billboard design; mass transit advertising; display ads in local papers and magazines; and, publication of collateral.  The fusion of creative copy and creative design helped these institutions to emerge from the marketing clutter and to achieve memorability and mindshare.



“It’s been great knowing that I could always turn to a local creative/design company like Elwell Design to get the freshest ideas and superior attention to detail from the smallest to the largest project.   From start to finish, the professionals at Elwell collaborated with me to elicit the most compelling messaging and then wrapped it in captivating designs.   They get to really know you as a person, and not just a client, and are invested in your success and not just completing the task.”


Howard E. Horton, Esq.

President, New England College of Business and Finance (NECB)




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