Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity is part of a global nonprofit housing ministry working in partnership with people in need to build or renovate simple, decent homes. Habitat for Humanity is founded on the conviction that everyone should have a safe and decent place to live.


Community building is at the heart of their work.  Families are the reason, volunteers are the foundation, and a committed staff and board are the engine; they all fuel the core.  To connect and celebrate, build sustainability, and leverage a powerful brand into the requisite local support, Merrimack Valley Habitat needed to unify their messaging behind materials that achieved multiple goals: communication, celebration, and donations.


We listened carefully to MVHH and translated their goals into three strong pieces to unify their effort: a biannual newsletter carefully crafted to serve as a direct mail that, at a glance, conveyed brand and accomplishment; an annual appeal that provided success stories with a compelling question while reinforcing the visual connection to the brand; and event collateral for their signature fundraising event that embraced the message “Building Dreams” and supported the story.


The net results were purposeful pieces extending beyond their delivery date that serve effectively as stand-alone marketing material, as well as measurable performance increases – a yearly increase in annual appeal donations, an increase in per-person donations at the fundraising event, increased distribution of the newsletter, and additional in-kind donations and volunteer hours measured by the growing donor list in the newsletter.



Annual Appeal


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