The Cottonwood Gulch Foundation’s mission is thorough and inspired.  However, it didn’t effectively convey the splendor of discovery caused by meeting that mission!  A multifaceted organization sponsoring educational wilderness expeditions and outdoor programs in the American Southwest, they aim to promote personal growth, scientific, historic, and cultural discovery as well as a knowledgeable environmental ethic among all those who participate - but they needed an inspiring rebranding.


This non-profit organization needed to create multiple materials for recruiting participants, cultivating support, and conveying both the intent and purpose of the organization - all while being highly efficient and cost-effective. Their existing collateral was functional, lovingly created in-house by volunteers, but didn’t communicate the quality of the Cottonwood Gulch program.



Working closely with the leadership team and staff, we looked carefully at the story we wanted to tell and the results we wanted to elicit.  Re-branding included a revisualization to convey Cottonwood Gulch’s unique offering and resulted in graphic branding. The new visual concept captured the sense of discovery for both printed collateral and the website redesign.


The reinvigorated website now includes video, schedules, and up to date events and forms, also incorporating some of the amazing photography the organization has archived over its history.  Keeping the website current and meaningful was of critical importance, so editable forms and schedules were designed - all of which can be updated by the staff themselves.


In order for the Cottonwood Gulch story to peak all interests, a 12-page, stitched-in pocketed brochure was created for ultimate flexibility. An important part of the rebranding, carefully crafted message sheets describing the program offerings fit inside the brochure and were specifically designed to last several years, saving costs.


The net result?  A cohesive, multi-leveled marketing foundation beautifully and effectively promoting the discovery of the wonderful world of Cottonwood Gulch.






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