Comprehensive EAP provides what we now know is essential to an organization’s success and productivity — a support and intervention program focused on the work place, designed to help employees with personal problems that may be adversely affecting performance.  CompEAP steps in and, in consultation with the organization, manages and coordinates all aspects of employee assistance programs. This includes counselors, clinical psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists, as well as childcare and eldercare resources. A “virtual concierge” center links employees with various practical services and arranges for lawyers and financial professionals to be on call for employees with questions in those arenas.


For over 15 years, Elwell Design has worked closely with CompEAP to identify opportunities to increase community awareness and avail the company of the best design and messaging opportunities.  During the course of the relationship, a major shift was in name recognition.  Officially known as Comprehensive EAP, the length of the company name was a barrier to top-of-mind positioning.  We decided to launch a rebranding with a shorter name, and CompEAP was born - offering an effective center for a new logo and website redesign.  It was essential that the website integrated B2B and B2C with all the services offered.  A blog was introduced and, with it, a virtual path for establishing confidence and directing web traffic was created; this allows for active dialog between managers, leadership, and target audiences as well as practical wellness living information sharing.




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Capabilities Brochure

Promotional Materials

This employee diecut fold-out brochure starts out at 5.5 x 8.5 and opens to 17 x22.   At a glance services makes this a very accessible brochure for employees.

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